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70 x 100 cm

Days that are not days


There are days that one goes through like a routine,

that are exercises of what one has learned. One just

follows up one’s urges and, with a sigh, one

tackles the obstacles on the program. On those days


there is no one who can say: ‘let there be day, for I am the day!’

Does God not walk through his garden on such days?

The very fact that is a question says it all …

If he does the attention, the ‘I am here Lord’, is asleep.


And the mind involves itself with its own little circles,

dreaming dreams of efficiency and expertise, other people’s folly

and poor luck. Dreams of doing desperately important things.

Mind you, inspired things can come to pass in these dreams …


For even in your dreams you will be sent messengers.

People, events, animals, ideas, the weather, baffling problems and

astounding luck will all appear on your path to ask you

who you are: ‘Adam, where art thou?’


And you will answer, even in your sleep … You will show your mettle,

show what you are made of, show your ambition, your love of

all living things, show all these things proudly, and with religious fervour,

for your neglect of his garden you simply cannot and do not see.


Stupid answers then? Well, if they are the best you have got,

will they not be taken? And why should not you give your best?

You know, your best is also your worst … And what you will find

at the end is always a terrible and very bitter disappointment.


Why do children die, why cannot I protect my loved ones, why

are people so cruel, why is there so much pain in the world,

why am I so misunderstood, even by myself? Such is

the toil that we must take on, that is how we afflict ourselves.


So are we not doing God’s work? Is there no waking up from

these dreams of good and evil? Cannot we abide

in the shade of the tree of life? Ah now, there is a question …

There is a question that demands, absolutely demands, a full answer.





Myriads of stars