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50 x 65 cm

Another world


See how that other-worldly building has its seat

in the misty winter morning. It was constructed by other people

in a world that was very different from ours. See

how it arises out of the trees, and blends in effortlessly

with the electricity wires of our time.


See also how incredibly crafty the people were that made it,

and the love and precision that drew and shaped those lines.

I cannot but wonder at how people worshiped in those far off days.

This jewel of theirs stands as God’s house, shining even

in the floodlights at night. God does exist, after all …


It is a puzzlement to me, but this building defies desecration:

on certain days there are cars all around the neighbourhood,

and people in their Sunday’s best marching their offspring to mass.

Then the spirits of the past recede a bit, knowing this will not take long.

But as mysterious night encroaches, the stillness and the vastness return.


In people’s homes there is electricity shutting out these mists beyond time.

The floodlights on the church go out after 10, but already

ancient shades have gathered at where the door once was.

At those times there is no safer place, for the dangerous people

- who think they are living - have taken shelter with their DVD’s.


Then straying souls come to seek the presence of their saviour.

No longer capable of the atrocities they may have committed

when they walked in the oblivious daylight,

they now have an altered perspective of things,

and very little empathy with our present-day concerns.


Seeing this church one senses these people of yore,

even if there is no understanding. But they have a practical wisdom

that they are willing to divulge, like the old gaffers still alive today.

And also they have curious ways of letting you know

what they think of what you are doing. If you are interested …