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50 x 120 cm

An open mind is a joy forever


What a crazy little thing called beauty! To the informed eye

everything is ugly to the core. You think that’s pretty? Think again!


Better not talk to a pretty girl: when she opens her mouth

she may vent politically incorrect opinions in a most horrible dialect.


Better not probe the surfaces when you want to experience beauty!

'Unless you are prepared to shelve your judgements, and really be open to ‘the other’.


The beautiful Styrian landscapes may become quite sinister if one knows

what has passed here. Or even if one knows what is going down now …


Pretty? Vineyards without bees? Where is the wheat, the barley, the rye?

I see only corn! Are there no more hay stacks? And where is the cattle?


When you ask the people here they will say only one thing: EU-regulations.

And then drive off in their Mercedes. They do not seem to want to know …


There is a stark, glaring beauty here. A wonderful tragedy!

And so few people seem to be around to enjoy it …




The morning of the 23rd of December, 2014