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Jaap Verhoef is a retired English teacher from the Netherlands, currently living in Southern Styria. To him retirement meant leaving the treadmill, finally getting a life. He lives alone in an old Styrian wooden farmhouse on the top of one of the foot hills of the Buchkogel. He paints, analyses chess openings, cooks, makes poems and song texts, and entertains visitors. He has no car, but goes around the country side on a bike. Since coming here he has lost 20 kilos …





Little squirrel in a treadmill

Round he goes,

And follows his nose

And he's treading still


Where does he think he is getting?

He goes no ways

Is in the same place

And still he is treading and treading


The treadmill is up side down

And down side up

Will it ever stop?

Or keep going round and round?


The tired little squirrel treads faster

Tries to get home

Wears his feet to the bone

Who has fathomed what he is really after?